Visual identity and branding for SLOW FLOW: a line of beers by Bombay Duck Brewing in Mumbai, India made in small batches where nothing is rushed — a delicate balancing act between creativity and productivity.

SLOW FLOW beers connect to the theme of artisanal production, where the end product is a labour of love with the full luxury of time for creation. They represent open and free-form creativity—like in jazz and expressive painting—where one is allowed to experiment with flavors and ingredients, where the artistic energy flows without obstacles. The brief was to create a sub-branding identity within the wider Bombay Duck Brewing family of products that will have a distinct look & feel while remaining in the general visual world developed with the BDB branding.

The wordmark is created with customized typography, where the letters ‘W’ in ‘slow’ and ‘flow’ have been connected, abstracted & transformed into a cascading stream reminiscent of waterfalls, symbolizing the flowing creativity of the beer variants. A deep blue was selected as a sub-branding color to complement the brand’s easily recognizable turquoise, giving the new products a premium feel.

The new SLOW FLOW brand patterns are inspired by the architecture of Bombay, as with the original BDB branding, but they are deconstructed in shape with irregular endings helping them to visually bleed one into another, blurring the lines of where one ends and the other begins. Together they create hypnotic, free-flowing and intricate motifs that are not as strongly divided by lines like in the original branding, but conceptually represent different stages of the SLOW FLOW brewing conceptual and creative process.

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