project KAL

Visual identity and branding for a Bangalore-based non-profit that works on impactful, scalable solutions for the issues of gender inequality and gender-based violence.

Discussing the project with the client, it was identified that the identity should translate the delicate and sensitive work of the non-profit into a visual world that would not be alienating to the local audience. With the word ‘kal’ meaning ‘tomorrow’ in Hindi, the resulting visual identity should also reflect that optimism and hope for a better future.

The visual foundation of the identity came through the unique shape of the logo, reminiscent of a flower, created by combining letter K in both Hindi and English alphabets. The flower-based visual speaks both to the delicate nature of the topic, as well as the grass-roots approach of the non-profit: striving to grow a new generation of young people that are aware of the issues in society and working actively to make a difference. As part of the identity, a custom set of iconography as well as patterns were developed that expand the visual world determined by the logo.

The collaboration on design work and art direction for Project Kal continued until 2019.

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