CAVA Apartments

Visual identity and branding for Dubrovnik-based boutique rental apartments focused on high quality service and design

Speaking with the client regarding the drive behind their service, it was determined that they wanted to represent the future of Croatian tourism that is rooted in local tradition, both visually and through their service. The visual identity had to represent that dichotomy: the modernity of the internet age combined with the local historical traditions, while communicating the quality and elegance of the service.

Constructing the visual identity, that duality was represented through the logo itself — deconstructing two typefaces, a traditional serif as well as a modern sans-serif, and combining them into a single mark creating an exciting yet elegant emblem.

Moving forward with the visual architecture of the brand, a custom set of patterns were created that continue the visual play of opposites (traditional and modern, local and international) with their thick and thin strokes. Each pattern was inspired by local architecture, as well as unique weather conditions: the ‘Jugo’ wind that creates high waves and wild sea, ‘Maestral’ wind that creates pleasant breeze and moderate waves, and ‘Bonaca’ a local expression for completely still waters due to the absence of winds often at dawn. The patterns are reminiscent of traditional Dalmatian fishermen’s wear and incorporate local herbs & flowers, further re-imagined in clean and geometrical sequences.

The resulting visual identity communicates the authentic, local culture while also speaking to the international visitors that are excited to discover and immerse themselves into the wonders of Dubrovnik.

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