Bombay Duck Brewing

Visual identity and branding created for a Mumbai-based craft beer brewery focused on artisanal beverages made from locally sourced produce.

Working closely with the client to translate their ethos into the visual world of the brand, it was important to showcase their knowledge, precision and imagination when developing the beverages — the idea of bringing art to the craft of beer brewing.

As a result, the brand identity draws its visual inspiration from the historical ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement based on the city’s own architecture: the decorative fretwork. One of the underrated visual staples of Mumbai is the amount of beautiful metal craftwork that adorns the city’s windows, gates, and skyscrapers, and can be found in numerous historical styles — ranging from Art Deco, Victorian, Gothic, Mughal and beyond — giving each neighbourhood of the city a distinct visual feel.

For the brewery’s logo and brand patterns, three distinct architectural sites were selected: the Khotachi wadi heritage village, the traditional and elegant Art Deco style of Colaba, and the exciting neighbourhood of Bandra. The resulting squares-shaped patterns come together as pieces of a puzzle to create more complex and intricate variations. The local architectural landmarks were further visually transformed into a series of contemporary and clean 2D/3D patterns, giving a sense of youthful excitement to the brand.

Through the brand’s visual language, it was also important to reflect the brewery’s spirit of connecting tradition and innovation within brewing. To represent this duality custom ‘Hinglish’ typography was created combining Devanagari and Roman scripts while retaining the readability of both.

The collaboration on design work and art direction for Bombay Duck Brewing in Mumbai, India has continued until the present date.

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