Living by the Sea

In 2011 the northern part of the main island in Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake, which has resulted in a strong tsunami that has hit the main land and devastated northern coastal cities and towns. As a result, Tokyo University of the Art’s design department has been organising for the last few years an art workshop in the coastal town of Ofunato as way to work with the survivors of the tragedy, specifically high school children and nursery home residents. The workshop this year ended as an art installation in the local gallery of the works produced.

My work was inspired by my 97 year-old grandpa, who has told me since my childhood on the Adriatic coast that ‘if you wish to be connected to the world, just put your finger in the sea’. As a result, I wanted to illustrate the many seas and oceans of the world interconnecting, with the colors, textures and waves flowing into each other & intertwining into a single body of water, using a simple shape of a circle both signifying our connection in the world as well as a symbol of Japan. Photography by Kenji Agata.

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