How to Recognise Fake News

'How to Recognise Fake News': a series of isometric kanji illustrations that follow the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions' guide to recognising fake news. Each kanji word was paired with an abstract illustration using 'impossible' angles and connecting the elements into a whole.⁠ 

The work was developed as an homage to the Japanese designer Shigeo Fukuda famous both for his activist designs, as well as his love for optical illusions. I decided to work with the topic of recognising fake news in current media climate, applying Fukuda’s idea of activism through education. Working with kanji key words on the isometric grid allowed me to treat them like sculptural objects, deconstructing parts and structuring them to exist in different plains and directions, using each section for visual storytelling as your eye follows the design to read the words.

Together with exploring Fukuda-inspired optical illusions in construction of the kanji words, I also wanted to experiment with 2D/3D forms in the traditional graphic design printed media by designing a custom-cut poster that follows the same angles of the isometric kanji designs, giving a sense of depth and dimension to the poster itself. Photography by Kenji Agata.

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