LuvIt Chocolates & Confectionery

LuvIt is an Indian chocolate and confectionery brand that closely identifies with youth culture. It's about confidence in yourself, being comfortable with being different and owning it. It's about walking into a room and having all eyes on you, painting the town that special shade of you. The packaging is color-coded with a signature ‘paint drip’ in a series of vivid brand colors for each of their chocolate variants, together with the brand slogan ‘Live It, Own It, Luvit’ - a mantra that identifies with and celebrates the youthful confidence and individuality synonymous with it’s target audience.

The studio was involved with the brand from its inception, creating the brand name and nomenclature, brand personality, visual identity and package design. The chocolate photography was art directed to portray the product in a fresh, engaging format, to suggest ‘sinful abundance’’ & melting goodness’, that veers away from the standard product photography seen across competition in the market.

The project was conceptualised, art directed and designed as part of BLOK design studio. 

Online/Print publications
2017, “BLOK”, Novum World of Graphic Design, GERMANY
2016, “LuvIt Chocolates”, Packaging of the World
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