Global Magic Numbers Calendar

'Global Magic Numbers 2015’ calendar was designed for Global Consumer Products, an FMCG company that focuses on offering youthful and dynamic brands with innovative product technology. Each monthly spread of the calendar holds a set of numbers communicating a motivational message, together with an image that hints at the meaning of the month’s puzzle. The message is decoded by following the alpha-numeric key of A=1, B=2, C=3 etc, printed next to the month’s dates.

Each month’s spread has the dates of the month & coded message key printed on a transparent sheet placed over the artwork. The sheet can be written on to mark important dates and simply torn off once the year is over with the artwork kept as an art piece — this way the calendar can be repurposed after the year ends.

The project was conceptualised, art directed and designed as part of BLOK design studio.

Online/Print publications
2017, “BLOK”, Novum World of Graphic Design, GERMANY
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