Enchanted Valley Carnival

Visual identity rebrand for Universal Music’s music + camping festival ‘Enchanted Valley Carnival’. EVC is one of the first music festivals that includes a camping experience in India. It combines the experience of electronic dance music with the sense of community through its sub brand ‘Enchanted Village’ that offers various festival goers the opportunity to camp at the festival. The studio aimed at communicating the ‘communal feel’ for the festival identity drawing inspiration for its visual language from ancient tribe culture, the mysterious aura of campfire folklore and alchemical symbols. Being an electronic dance festival as well, the identity treatment was put into a contemporary context, through modern surrealistic imagery and iconography to create a synergy between the mystical and contemporary.

The logo is created using the letters E, V, C and a dot. The identity expands itself into a custom set of brand characters, signage, brand patterns as well as stage identities — all of which are created using the same 4 elements. We introduced a custom ‘A’ reminiscent of a tent, applied to the word mark, brand signage and headers. For the festival’s digital & print communication, the Studio has created and documented a series of three-dimensional paper installations incorporating the handmade element as a nod to the ‘back to nature’ quality that is linked with camping culture.

The project was conceptualised, art directed and designed as part of BLOK design studio.

2016, Blue Elephant, Best Visual Identity: Enchanted Valley Carnival, Kyoorius Design Awards, INDIA
2016, In-book Winner, Logo Design: Enchanted Valley Carnival, Kyoorius Design Awards, INDIA
Online/Print publications
2017, “BLOK”, Novum World of Graphic Design, GERMANY
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2016, “Enchanted Valley Carnival”, Arnold & Sheila Aronson Galleries, Parsons Alumni Exhibition, NYC/USA
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