DND Mosquito Repellent

DND is a newly launched brand of Indian mosquito repellent products. The studio developed the identity and package design from its inception. DND offers a range of innovative products setting itself apart from competition. For their fastest selling product, we focused on its package design communicating the brand's clutter-breaking personality.

The logo, (inspired by keyholes suggesting Do-Not-Disturb) transforms itself into a functional element for packaging, acting as a hook for the box to be hung from on retail display units as well as a detachable do-not-disturb hanger for customers to hang in their rooms as a memorable brand keepsake. The packaging gets repurposed in a unique way not seen previously in this category.

The project was conceptualised, art directed and designed as part of BLOK design studio.


2017, Bronze Award, Package Design: DND Mosquito Repellents, A’ Design Awards, ITALY
Online/Print publications
2017, “DND”, The Dieline, USA
2017, “DND”, Packaging of the World
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