BLOK Alphabet

Art installation of an alphabet series created in NYC in early summer of 2013 to set the tone aesthetically for BLOK studio. Each letter was mapped out through projection onto a constructed modular installation using white cardboard boxes as building blocks. The alphabet was divided between 6 design-centric cities: B,P,S,X in Berlin / E,K,R,V,Z in Bombay / A,D,F,N,Y in New York / G,M,T,U in Rotterdam / H,J,O,Q in Vienna / C,I,L,W in Warsaw.

Each letter in the installation was designed using national colors and architecture of the city it was assigned to. The series was then made into 26 posters (one for each letter) and hidden around the world, read more at BLOK Alphabet Posters. Photography by: Kate Stone

The project was conceptualised, art directed and designed as part of BLOK design studio; it was completed in New York in 2013.

Online/Print publications
2017, “BLOK”, Novum World of Graphic Design, GERMANY
2016, “BLOK Alphabet”, Typeroom Journal, USA
2015, “BLOK”, Parsons Process & Skills Graphic Design Blog, USA
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