BLOK Alphabet posters

Following the development of the BLOK Alphabet installation, the letters were documented and made into a series of 26 posters. Each poster was hidden in galleries, libraries and art spaces of the assigned cities: B,P,S,X in Berlin, Germany / E,K,R,V,Z in Mumbai, India / A,D,F,N,Y in New York City, USA / G,M,T,U in Rotterdam, Netherlands / H,J,O,Q in Vienna, Austria / C,I,L,W in Warsaw, Poland.

The concept was to create a special platform to connect 26 like-minded individuals across continents through their 'random' discovery of the hidden posters. The artwork was designed to follow the folding of the newsprint and gradually reveal all the necessary information.

The project was conceptualised, art directed and designed as part of BLOK design studio; it was completed in New York in 2013.

Online/Print publications
2017, “BLOK”, Novum World of Graphic
2016, “BLOK Alphabet”, Typeroom
Journal, USA
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