Type as Sculpture

A series of typography sculptures created by laser cutting MDF wood into letterforms and assembling them into forms that aim to visually express abstract thought processes often employed in design thinking. The created objects materialise internal workings that are usually subjective and personal in nature and otherwise difficult to visualise such as ‘ideation’, ‘deducing’ or ‘streamlining’, but that are nevertheless a part of every day of a designer.

While typography in graphic design can be used as an image ('type as image'), where the letterform stops being a symbol for sound and is instead used as an abstract form to convey a concept, in this particular research project typography was employed to communicate concepts through sculpture and its interaction with space.

The abstract thought processes are visualised through repetition, layering and positioning in space. The resulting three-dimensional objects are dynamic and interactive, revealing new and unexpected shapes as the audience moves around them, generating meaning through their form and conveying it to a viewer as a feeling rather than standard language. The project was developed as part of the GSA's graduate program. Photographed by Leda Bartolucci.

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