Type as Impression

A series of typographic prints created on the letterpress that experiment with creating abstract narratives through the use of repetition and layering, focusing on feelings rather than standard means of communication. 

The letterforms in the collages are used to express a concept rather than a sound ('Type as image'). The artworks deal with visualization of thought processes often employed in design thinking, such as 'deduction', 'ideation' or 'streamlining'. These mind states are elusive and subjective, and as such the aim of the project was to create a visual narrative that evokes an emotional reaction in the viewer rather than a rational one.

The visualisation of these intimate experiences of our consciousness have been developed on the rather traditional medium of the letterpress, where each letter was individually positioned and pressed with translucent ink to create dream-like collages of type, materialising a journey of perfecting an idea, creating a concept, which we as designers experience every time we start a new project.⁠

The artworks were developed as part of the GSA's graduate program. They are a continuation of the research started with the project Type as Sculpture.

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