'How Motivated Are You?' Installation

A three-dimensional data installation consisting of a series of helium balloons positioned in space and color coded to convey information. Participants were asked to report their daily motivational level (scaled 1-5) for 10 consecutive days, that was translated into helium balloons communicating the given values both through their color and position in space. The rows are divided between participants, while the columns signify each day of the experiment giving a temporal overview of the subjects both individually and as a whole. Upon entering into the space, the audience are given a postcard that decodes the data and are encouraged to walk through the installation to receive an emotional response from the information presented. The project was developed as part of the GSA's graduate program.

The data installation is looking to explore an emotional and subconscious response to information rather than purely rational and informational. The installation uses floating balloons as a metaphor to convey the feeling of 'flying high' when motivated, as well as the notion of being pulled down when demotivated. The project explores the function of communication in graphic design: can the spectator receive a feeling as an information, instead of a straight-forward statistic? Can we utilise abstract artwork to convey data to the audience? The outcome of the exercise is for the viewer to experience the data on an emotional level through interaction in physical space. Photographed by Leda Bartolucci.

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