Data Objects

A series of found product design objects that were transformed to express the functionality of graphic design by communicating data through their form. Each object was altered through color and typography to inform the viewer about statistical information: for example a statistic of 30% is visually represented by marking 30% of the object’s material, helping the viewers to imagine outcomes and possibilities of the data shared. The objects were measured, marked and spray painted manually. The typography was vinyl cut and applied by hand. 

The data objects explore the possibilities of using other design fields as vessels for communication, stepping away from traditional methods and materials of graphic and information design. Hacking into and altering the material of the found product design objects allows for an opportunity to both communicate the data in question, as well as visualise the amount by using the object itself as a reference. As a result, the objects aim to help the audience to better understand the information presented through physical interaction with the data.

The combinations of statistics and objects have been chosen to represent a conceptual correlation while avoiding cliches, with the pairs ranging from more straightforward to more abstract connections. The project was developed as part of the GSA's graduate program. Photographed by Leda Bartolucci.

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