Am I a Graphic Designer?

An 8,000 word essay that researches the difference between art and design, as well as the importance of practical functionality within the design field. It also contains interviews with the Glasgow School of Art’s Communication Design staff members on the topic of graphic design in the contemporary world. The essay has been transformed into a piece of editorial design in form of a booklet, as well as a piece of information design in form of handmade wooden data sculptures on wheels.

While I was exploring the graphic design discipline, oftentimes by using techniques traditionally associated with fine arts such as sculpture and installations, many questions arose regarding the relevancy of such practice to the design field. This essay is the result of the theoretical research I’ve embarked on in order to strengthen my practical work.

As a tongue-in-cheek reference to the idea that contemporary graphic design can truly take almost any shape, a series of data sculptures were produced that visualise the opinions of the Com Des staff on the importance of different conceptual pillars of graphic design such as the utility and medium of the work, as well as focus on typography and context of displaying the designs.

The data sets were placed on wheels to allow for interactivity usually reserved only for the digital spaces. By making the information mobile the audience is able to move around the data, compare different values and look at the results from different angles. Photographed by Leda Bartolucci.

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