3D Data: What are you afraid of?

A didactic, interactive information design piece consisting of an infographic board, three-dimensional representation of data made out of wood and an instructional booklet designed to lead the audience through the exercise. The 3D Data project is an inquiry into the field of information visualisation, aiming to translate data into a physical object you can interact with and learn from. It was developed as part of the GSA's graduate program.

The statistical data deals with the most common ways of dying in the world in 2016. The topic was chosen as a way to engage the audience to reflect on their own life through the interaction with physical objects. The individual data sculptures were made out of wood as it was important for the audience to touch a material that is firm and heavy and therefore help with the process of visualisation and reflection.

The piece explores alternative possibilities of presenting information through dimensionality, in a bid to help combat the recent epidemic of misinformation and fear mongering. We live in a world that is overloaded with data, where we absorb hundreds of visual signals on a daily basis through various media. The didactic board aims to both slow down the consumption of information, as well as give added aspects of data through the three-dimensionality such as weight, height and texture of the material for a more nuanced understanding of the information presented. Photographed by Leda Bartolucci.

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